Soft and absorbent

Available in different sizes, from premature to XL, Ontex diapers protect babies through the first years of their lives. The anatomical shape of the diapers follows the shape of the baby’s body, permitting free movement.

The soft top sheet of the diapers prevents rashes and the super-absorbent powder absorbs fluid rapidly to give the baby a dry and comfortable feeling. Anti-leak barriers inside the diaper give extra protection.

The tapes of the diaper can be opened and closed over and over again. This makes it easy to check if the baby needs to be changed.

Ontex produces diapers for all different segments in the market, from basic to premium ranges and can differentiate its product depending on the retailer's needs. These product characteristics, such as backsheet design, elastic ears, etc. also allows the retailer to distinguish itself from its competitors within his market segment.

Baby diaper performer Elastic ears with sealife design
  • Baby diaper range midi, maxi, junior, XL
  • Baby diaper performer non-elastic ears with rabbit design