The largest part of our business is our baby care range. We offer a very wide portfolio of baby diapers, wet wipes and disposable baby pants, which are sold under our Ontex brands, as well as retailer brands, or to care organisations.

Comfortable babies are happy babies , which is why our baby diapers and pants are designed to perform to the highest standards. We combine 30 years of experience in the category with strong investment in innovation capabilities to obtain a portfolio of unique products that address different consumers and customers needs such as : 

Leakage protection - Our baby diapers prevent leaks around the waist and the legs.

Stay dry – Our baby diapers are designed to offer up to 12 hours of wetness protection to keep your baby's skin dry, and free of irritations.

Soft – We know your baby has a sensitive skin and therefore we take extra care in selecting soft materials for our baby diapers and pants.

Thin and flexible – Babies love to move around and our diapers give them the freedom to go and explore.

Perfect fit – The better the fit, the more comfortable your baby is and the less you need to worry about leaks.